Welcome to the international competition « MONTMAGNY – DIRECT FLIGHT » organized by the MRC of Montmagny, an adventure that is both unique and humorous! Open to all enthusiasts (amateurs, non-professionals*) from around the world, this competition aims to reveal the hidden treasures of the region through the lens of photography, video, writing, and visual arts.

Deadline for participation: April 21, 2024

*You must be an amateur, meaning that the art you practice is not your primary profession.

How to participate?

Participants are invited to submit an artistic portfolio* illustrating their talent in one of the categories, thereby demonstrating their passion for artistic expression. Five lucky winners will have the opportunity to fly to the Montmagny region, where everything from the plane ticket to accommodation, activities, and dining will be provided, amidst the stunning autumn colors of Quebec.

*You must present your finest works, up to a maximum of five (5).

Rules and Eligibility Conditions

What do you need to do in exchange for this immersive experience?

The winners will commit to capturing the magic of the Montmagny region through their own eyes, creating visual, audio, or written content intended to share the region’s richness with the world. A celebration of creativity, discovery, and humor, « MONTMAGNY – DIRECT FLIGHT » promises an unforgettable adventure in the heart of an exceptional tourist destination.

Depending on their field of specialization, each participant will need to provide:

  • The video (minimum 1 minute)

  • The photography (minimum 5 distinct photos)

  • The painting (minimum 1 artwork)

  • The drawing (minimum 1 artwork)

  • The sculpture (minimum 1 artwork)

  • The music (minimum 1 jingle or 1 piece)

A 200-word explanatory text must accompany each work.

Competition Prize

An all-inclusive trip to the Montmagny region (valued at approximately $5,000) including:

  • Round-trip airfare and transportation to Montmagny;
  • A private room in shared accommodation
  • All meals
  • 3 meals a day;
  • Activities to discover the region and transportation to and from the activities.
Not included: Personal expenses and expenses other than those specified.

The grand winner will receive a travel credit worth $1,500 to return to our region.

Do you know an amateur artist?

Refer this person for a chance to win one of two (2) $500* gift certificates:

  • 500 in gift certificates from the Société de développement économique de Montmagny, redeemable at all MRC de Montmagny stores (except the SAQ)
    (Pssst, a travel agency is one of the businesses eligible for a future trip to Montmagny).
  • To qualify, the referred artist must be one of the five (5) finalists in the Montmagny – Vol direct contest.

* Non-exchangeable, but transferable to a third party.

Key Dates

Deadline for receiving applications: April 21, 2024

Selection of the five (5) finalists by the jury members: April 22 to May 10, 2024

Announcement of the Selected finalists: week of June 10, 2024

Participants’ presence in Quebec: October 2 to 13, 2024

Presentation of the finalists’ projects to the jury members: October 10, 2024

Revealing the grand winner: October 11, 2024

Under the humorous theme "Very Likely”

Each participant must develop concepts under the humorous theme « Probably Probable, » according to their artistic skills (video, photo, writing, visual arts), based on their favorite experiences in the region following the activities they will have participated in during their stay.

Example: Becoming the winner of the Montmagny — Direct Flight competition? Very Likely!

To learn more about our Very Likely advertising campaign In June 2022, the MRC of Montmagny unveiled Quebec's most beautiful territorial marketing campaign.

Indeed, the organization has once again got off the beaten path to attract new families to its territory. A major advertising campaign with the theme « In the MRC of Montmagny, everything is Very likely! » was deployed on a large scale in various media. All these marketing actions result from a reflection strategy undertaken by the MRC in 2020 to position itself as the welcoming land for new families and entrepreneurs who want to have their business and where the realization of their wildest dreams is possible.

The campaign and its concept

« Usually, municipal organizations take serious and more corporate positions to stand out from other regions in Quebec. The MRC of Montmagny chose humor instead, because you have to be where others are not, » said Ms. Nancy Labrecque, General Manager of the MRC of Montmagny. The visuals of the campaign take us into a colorful and zany universe. The colors are vibrant and warm to match the friendly concept of exaggeration.

 With our 14 municipalities stretching from the river to the American borders, it is easy to think that this environment opens us up to a multitude of possibilities… Our environment, the richness of our territories, our local products, our welcoming people, and our historical sites make it possible for residents and future residents to realize their wildest dreams. It is not utopian to think that by settling in the MRC of Montmagny, you can have the world’s largest pumpkin garden! That you can have a water park in your backyard, that you can have memorable vacations with friends while admiring the most beautiful sunsets on Isle-aux-Grues, accessible only by plane.

It is also not utopian to catch a prehistoric fish like the black sturgeon, go to school by plane because you live on an island, create a cheese with your name on it, or even tame a white goose… That’s the idea behind our campaign. Here, all your dreams are Very likely!

This slogan is meaningful, friendly, just like our citizens, and let’s be honest, it’s a pretty « fresh » slogan, just like the gentle breeze on summer evenings by the river. The MRC listens to its residents and offers a world of possibilities to its newcomers, entrepreneurs, and tourists. Nothing can stop us, because here, everything is absolutely Very likely!

That sums up our Very likely campaign that participants will have to delve into.


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Avis et alertes


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